Vienna Private Clinic

Our clinic for Pulmonary Diseases and Vascular Medicine is modern and needs-oriented. We have both a wheelchair accessible entrance and barrier-free corridors.

Our treatment rooms, meeting rooms and waiting rooms are modern and friendly and are air-conditioned in summer.

Regularly, you will find works of local artists exhibited in our waiting rooms. State-of-the-art examination equipment is, of course, also part of our office in Vienna.

Private ordination Vienna

The following services are offered in our private clinic

  • Resting ECG
  • (Small) lung function
  • Stress-ECG / bicycle ergometry
  • 24h- (Holter) ECG
  • 24h blood pressure measurement
  • Color duplex ultrasound of the veins and arteries

  • Venous plethysmography

  • Oscillography of the leg / arm arteries

  • Laser treatment of wounds
  • Association change in chronic wounds
  • Laser treatment (for the treatment of chronic wounds)
  • Vascular medicine

  • Treatment of lung disease

  • Minimize the risk factors